Product of, planning, design and construction.



Characterized by simple forms and the use of apparent structural elements.



Design, modeling and execution of special structures


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Simplicity of forms by eliminating the unnecessary details

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If you choose to build your house with us, including all the construction stages, we will provide your 3D home design for FREE. For further details, feel free to contact us accesing our Contact page

Details about services

M3 ConDesign

M3 ConDesign is a construction company from Hunedoara, which was founded on the initiative of a team of experienced builders with a precise mission, to offer our customers the highest level of quality at a fair and competitive price.

Portofolio of works

Latest works

Interior design of a 4 room luxury apartment from Hunedoara. We used the highest quality materials, the work has been made exclusively by M3 ConDesign.

The design of the supporting structure of the Ciuc brewery's fermentation cell. It is a cast in place concrete structure that supports 4 cell fermentation of 500 tons each.


Structural construction

We are making the structural phase of the construction. zte interior and exterior design is not included. Details...


Complete construction

We can provide to our clients the whole construction of their desired home. We can build by the clients design or by our professional design. Details...


Interior design

We provide a wide range of services in the interior and exterior design at the highest level of quality, using modern equipment and materials. Details...


Home design

We provide design services for civil, industrial, agricultural or special constructions using professional software and well trained personnel. Details...